Student FAQs

Q: What are the opening hours of the IT Service Desk?
A: The IT Service Desk is available by telephone 01202 965515 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.   (In-hours 8am – 5pm Mon – Fri; Out of Hours 5pm – 8am Mon – Thurs and 5pm Fri – 8am Mon)
You can also log a job here

Q: Where can I find more information about IT issues?
A: Our knowledge base is available here.
Alternatively, go here and click on the Knowledge link on the left.

Q: How can I change my student password?   
A: If you're on campus, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete & press the option 'Change a Password'. You can also visit PG16 or Studland House Floor 7.

If you're off campus, contact the IT Service Desk on 01202 965515

Q: I am a student, how can I change my name?
A: Please contact your School and notify them of your name change.

Q: How can I find out my username?
A: Your username can be found on your student ID card or you can call the IT Service Desk on 01202 965515 (24/7).

Q: How can I change my security questions?
A: Please go to the Student Portal and click on the Log-in Services tab.  Then click on the link Update security questions.  If you have forgotten your password then please call the IT Service Desk on 01202 965515 (24/7).

Q: How can I set up a forward for my student email account to different email address
A: Information on how to forward your email can be found here

Q: How can I set up my email on my mobile device?  (or How can I configure my phone to receive my BU email?)
A: Student email accounts can be configured on iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows based phones.

Q: What is the capacity of my H drive?
A: The capacity of student H drives is 1GB.  You can use your H drive to securely store your files and folders.

Q: What if I need assistance in a Lecture Theatre?
A: Please call the IT Service Desk (ext. 65515).  On-site support is available 8am – 5.30pm Mon – Fri.  For special events, Audio Visual support is available if requested prior to the event (2 weeks’ notice is required).

Q: How do I book Audio Visual equipment?
A: On Talbot Campus students can book equipment through the Media School helpdesk, W103, Weymouth House.  They can be contacted on 01202 961359 or by email  

Q: How can I connect to Eduroam?
A: Information on connecting to the Eduroam WiFi network is available here.   You are required to configure this on campus.

Q: How can I connect to the wireless network?
A: Information on how to connect to the wireless network on campus can be found here.

Q: How can I request a new print card?
A: Students can request a new card from askBU.

Q: How do I register my new print card?
A: For instructions on registering your print card click here.

Q: How do I connect to the printer?
A: Instructions on how to set up a BU printer from your device can be found below:

Q: How much does it cost to print or use the photocopier at BU?
A: Printing costs are as follows:
Black / White Laser Printing and Photocopying: A3 or A4 - £0.03
Colour Laser Printing and Photocopying: A3 or A4 - £0.18

Scan to email in PDF format is free

Q: How do I add print credit to my print account?
A: You can add print credit online here.  Or log in to myBU and click the link Add credit to your print account online from the menu on the left of the screen.

Q: I can’t log into the printer, what do I do?
A: Please try powering the printer down and restarting it.  If problems persist please raise an incident here.  Click on the Raise a Request or Incident link on the left and use the form titled Printer Fault under the heading Printers, hardware & software.

Q: How do I report a hardware fault with my personal laptop?
A: Bournemouth IT Solutions offers quality laptop, MAC & computer repairs with a 15% discount for BU students and staff.

Q: Can I be refunded for unused print credit when I leave the University?
A: No, Bournemouth University cannot refund credit that is left on your print account.

Q: I need to book a room, who do I contact?
A: You can request a room booking by submitting a Room Booking form here.  For urgent room bookings (less than 24 hours’ notice) please call Estates on 01202 965515 and select option 2.

Q: I can’t submit my assignment, what do I do?
A: There is information on the myBU & Brightspace Help tabs on how to submit assignments.  If you are having technical difficulties with submitting your work, contact the IT Service Desk on 01202 965515 (24/7) prior to your deadline.

Q: Who should I contact if my Units are not visible or accessible on myBU?
A: Students should contact the School Programme Administrator.

Q: Who should I contact if my course details on myBU are incorrect?
A: Contact the Programme Administrator for your School.

Q: I have a problem with my online timetable, where can I get help?
A: Students can get help with their online timetable by contacting askBU.

Q: I can’t log in to myBU, what do I do?
A: Reset your password.  If you are having trouble changing your password you can call the IT Service Desk on 01202 965515 (24/7).
NB.  Please note that accounts are disabled 90 days after your programme end date.

Q: How do I use the equipment in Lecture Theatres?
A: There are video tutorials available here which cover how to use all of the equipment.

Q: How can I register my games console?
A: To connect a games console to the University network in Halls of Residence submit a Request here. Please note, you are required to provide the Mac address for your games console.  Go here for instructions on how to find the Mac address for your device.