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Student email


BU student email is brought to you by Microsoft's Office365 facility.

It enables us to provide you with Windows Live™ IDs and a University email address (ie

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Use email through graduation and beyond
  • Protect email from spam & viruses
  • Use mailbox aggregation that allows you to aggregate other personal email accounts within Outlook
  • Get access to your email, contacts and calendar from anywhere including a broad range of active sync enabled phones (examples: Windows Phone, iPhone, Android)
  • Get 25GB inbox, 25MB attachments

Other Functionality:

  • Intranet Sites through SharePoint
  • Office Web Apps
  • Web conferencing

Available to: Students

Getting Started

To get started log in with your username and password.

Go to Student Email


Q: How can I set up my email on my mobile device?  (or How can I configure my phone to receive my BU email?)
A: Student email accounts can be configured on iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows based phones.

Q: How can I set up a forward for my student email account to different email address
A: Information on how to forward your email can be found here