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Remote access for working from home


We can enable remote access to your BU desktop using either BU’s VPN or VMWare View service.

VPN allows you to use your BU desktop remotely. A VPN account will have to be created for you by the IT Service Desk and client software will need to be installed and configured on your own device.

Requests for a VPN account will need to be approved by nominated staff from each School or Professional Service. 

VMWare view allows you to use your BU desktop and only basic applications remotely.  You will need to download and install the client software onto your own device. Once installed you can login using your BU account and choose the correct profile for you. Choose:

staff standard user or

staff secure (administration) user if you use Unit-E, bluQube or Professional Personnel systems

You will see your own desktop using VMWare View or VPN, however, some software that is only installed on your BU computer will not be available to use. 

H: drive and I: drive

Your H: drive and I: drive is accessible from outside the University network via web services. Click this link and follow the instructions for the operating system of your computer:

Remote access


To access your email via the Internet, click on the following URL:


Log in using your username and password.

Available to: Staff

Getting Started

You can request VPN Access via the IT Service Desk. To use View, click on the link below and follow the instructions shown.

Request VPN access Go to VMWare View