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What's New in Outlook Web App      

As part of the Exchange 2013 refresh project, Outlook Web App has been upgraded and although many of the features will be familiar some new items have been added. The new features make it easier to find specific messages, access individual folders and use your mailbox. Outlook Web App allows you to access information through almost any Web browser. To access go to

Select a Theme

If you don't like the default Outlook Web App theme, you can choose a different one. Click Settings and select one of many new themes.


The default message view is Conversation, which lets you see an entire message thread in one place.


You've always been able to search your mail when using Outlook Web App. Now you also have the option to use a set of predefined filters to refine your search.


You may have noticed a new folder named Favorites area at the top of your folder list. You can drag any folder up to Favorites to create a shortcut to that folder. Favorites can make it easier to access the folders you use the most.


Right-clicking almost anywhere in Outlook Web App will display a menu of things you can do. The actions available in the right-click menus have been expanded and made more consistent across the mailbox.

Attach Messages to Messages

Previously when sending an attachment in an email, you could send a picture or document. Now you can additionally attach another message from your mailbox to a new message you are composing.

Add Pictures to Messages

Now you can embed pictures in your messages. To add a picture to the body of a message, click INSERT then pictures inline on the message toolbar and search for the picture you want to add to your message.

Share your Calendar

By using the share option in calendar view you can share your calendar with other people.

Available to: Staff

Getting Started

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