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Lecture capture (Panopto)


Panopto is a video platform and screen recording tool.  It is used primarily for recording live lectures (lecture capture) and recording 'offline' presentations (desktop capture). A desktop capture scenario generally involves a member of staff recording a presentation which could be a topic overview or tutorial from their desk which would then be viewed at a later date by students.

The Panopto system consists of a desktop application called the 'Panopto Recorder', this is used to record screen, audio and video from a user's computer and then upload these files to the secure cloud hosted Panopto server ( Once on the server, the files are processed and packaged as a web streamed video presentations and made available for viewing.

Integration with myBU allows recorded video content to be automatically made available in myBU units to be viewed by students. Access to Panopto video content is controlled by authentication through myBU.

Example videos:


Available to: Staff