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BU students and staff can now access Gartner's Core IT Research Reference. This is an online service providing valuable IT related research, analysis and opinion, which can be used to inform and enhance planning, decision making, and measurement purposes.

Whether you’re an IT professional working at BU, or a student studying within the Business School, Media School or The Faculty of Science & Technology, this is a valuable source of research information.

Using this service offers access to:

  • Spotlights - Reflecting on current client issues using a number of different perspectives
  • Special Reports - Covering underlying research themes that cut across technology or industry specific research, or providing in-depth strategic analysis of trends, industry developments, vendors, products and services
  • Published Research - Focusing on companies, products, markets, decision frameworks, tactical guidelines, case studies and strategic planning assumptions.

Academic and research staff will be able to:

  • Plan courses on the basis of what will be topical in business and IT in the next few years
  • Use the data and information to substantiate research papers
  • Include the research in lectures.

Features and benefits for students include:

  • Case studies that demonstrate how to apply what you learn to real life scenarios
  • Gaining a practical understanding of how organisations re-engineer their processes to increase revenues and reduce costs
  • Understanding and keeping up to date on which technology tools are available to implement strategies
  • Preparation for interviews with IT companies.

IT Professionals can use the resources to:

  • Better understand the value of IT to BU
  • Reduce risk in every IT related decision by following an evidence based approach
  • Rely on case studies to understand best practice
  • Use contract reviews to ensure best costings and choose the most suitable vendors for BU
  • Gain advice on professional growth and development for you and your team
  • Understand technology and market trends/implications within the Higher Education sector.

Jane Henriksen-Bulmer, a placement student within the IT Department has used Garter extensively:

“It’s a great resource to use for insight into anything IT related, from comparisons of products through to detailed analysis, toolkits, and how-to guides.

“It’s also a really useful site for undertaking industry research, or as an aid in preparing for interviews. For example, it helped me to gain insight into specific aspects of a particular role and the terminology associated with it.”

Available to: Staff,Students

Getting Started

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