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Email distribution group


Email distribution groups are used to target information to specific users. 

Each email distribution group consists of one or more members of staff or students and can contain shared mailboxes and other distribution groups. External email addresses can also be added to an email distribution group.

Each distribution list has/will have an owner who will be able to add or remove members. To be added to an existing distribution group, please contact the owner of the group you wish to be added to.

To find who the owner is, find the group in the Address book within your mail browser and double click on it. The owner will be shown on the left hand side. Distribution groups are always shown as bold in the Address book.

You can request creation of a new email distribution group, an owner must be advised in the request.

The request will be approved by nominated staff from the relevant School or Professional Service.

Available to: Staff,Students

Getting Started

Anyone can raise a request for a student or staff email distribution group. The request will need to be approved by nominated staff in each School or Professional Service before being actioned by IT.

Request a new email distribution group