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Desk phone redirection


The standard handset used by the majority of users on BU's IP (Internet Protocol) phone system is the Cisco IP phone.

You can divert your phone by pressing the CFwd All button (this is located underneath the display screen on your telephone) and entering the number you wish to forward all your calls to.

To divert all your calls to voicemail, press the CFwdAll button and enter 66666.  When active, a message is displayed on the screen. To cancel the divert, press the CFwdALL button.

You can also ask for a number of groups to be set up, for example:

  • a Pickup Group (a group of numbers provided with a pickup option on their handsets which, when pressed, will enable a call coming through on any of the phones in that group to be picked up)
  • a Call Forwarding Group (if a handset in the group is engaged or not answered then, after a time, the call is transferred to a programmed forwarding number)
  • a Hunt Group (calls will be forwarded to an alternative number based on a predetermined policy e.g. round robin or longest idle)


Available to: Staff