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Broadband in student Unilet accommodation


The majority of Unilet properties are supplied with an 8mbps (speeds up to 8mbps) broadband package from Eclipse Internet. The University supplies each property with a Netgear Wireless Broadband router, which must be signed for by a representative of your household when collected from IT Services.

The routers will be pre-configured by IT Services and will come with instructions for quick installation and the SSID (Network name) and password you will need to connect wirelessly. You will not need to install any additional software on your computer.

If you have any issues with the broadband connection at your property, please contact IT Services on 01202 965515. It may be necessary to arrange for a member of IT Services staff to visit to rectify your problem.

In some cases when a fault with the phone line is suspected it may be necessary to call out a BT engineer on your behalf, again it is very important that you keep any appointments made or let us know with as much notice as possible if you need to reschedule.

When installing your Broadband Router, please ensure that cables do not become a trip hazard that could cause injury to yourself or damage to the equipment. Extension cables are easily available and inexpensive.

If it becomes necessary to reset your wireless router, unplug it from the mains, wait for 30 seconds and plug it back in. Please DO NOT press the reset button at the rear of the router, this will restore factory settings, wiping all account information and you will have to bring the router back to IT Services to be reconfigured.

Most modern laptop computers come with a built-in wireless adapter. Older laptops and desktop computers can be given wireless capability with the addition of a wireless card (PCMCIA for laptops, PCI for desktops or USB for either). These are available from most local computer shops. The cost may vary.

As you may have seen in the media, recent months have seen a marked increase in cases where legal action has been taken by the holders of copyrighted material (movies, music etc) against internet users who illegally download or share files. If such activity is brought to our attention by Eclipse Internet (or another Internet Service Provider, if applicable) we are legally bound to pass on any information needed to identify the perpetrators.

Make regular backups of your work and any other important data, ideally on an external hard disc drive or a CD/DVD. USB pen drives are great for transporting large files. updating of Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware is also required.

*Speeds up to 8mbps – actual performance may vary.

Available to: Students