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09 February 16

AV Refresh Project


New Audio Visual Project - Update

The audio visual (AV) technologies that BU provides have become essential to the university.

As part of a £2million refurbishment and improvement plan, all existing AV equipment will be replaced with the most up to date systems. This will improve consistency and support for AV users, whilst allowing the IT department to react to changing needs in the future.

Advantages include:

  • The set up and operations in all rooms will be exactly the same
  • Staff facing technical issues will be able to contact a help desk number and most issues can be resolved remotely
  • It will take less time to recover from problems and failures
  • Devices can be switched off remotely when not in use, to reduce the university’s carbon footprint

This major project - which is scheduled for completion around the Spring of 2016 – has already installed new equipment to over 40 rooms around both campuses. The latest phase of the refresh was successfully completed over the Easter period with the AV equipment in the Faculty of Science & Technology Laboratories now standardised to match those of other areas.

In addition, the facilities in the Octagon, in Sir Michael Cobham Library - where many staff workshops are held - have also been improved.

Planning for the summer period is well underway, and all AV equipment in the EBC and Royal London House will be replaced.

BU relies heavily on its AV equipment to help deliver teaching sessions and external events, all of which has a positive impact on the student and staff experience. These technologies can also have a direct impact on widening the access to external collaborations.

Everyone is welcome to familiarise themselves with the new equipment and those who will be using the facilities on a regular basis are particularly encouraged.  Please visit the Centre for Excellence in Learning room (PG30a) in Poole House for a closer look.

All feedback related to the project and completed works is welcome and should be emailed to

For more information, please contact Tom Hollingum or Adam Downs, or see the timeline which highlights the project’s progress and the planned installations.