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  • Printers, hardware & software

    Printers, hardware & software

    • Adding Print Credit

      The Xerox machines in the Open Access area and Libraries are printers and photocopiers. They can be used to scan your document and instead of printing on paper, email it to your email address. This will save you money.

    • Anti-virus

      Anti-virus software on BU computers and information for your own devices.

    • Microsoft Office software for home use

      We can issue staff & students with Microsoft Office software for use at home subject to certain terms and conditions.

    • Order a PC or monitor

      Nominated staff in each School or Professional Service can order a PC or monitor or other non-standard hardware.

    • Printer set up

      Information on setting up and adding a printer.

    • Printing, Scanning and Copying

      Bournemouth University uses Xerox networked printers to provide Colour and Black and white printing facilities. The Xerox Multifunctional Devices (MFD) can be used for copying and scanning, as well as printing.

    • Report a problem with a printer

      All printer faults and issues need to be reported to the Xerox Helpdesk.

    • Request a print card

      Request a print card

    • Software

      Software available at BU

    • Software Installation

      You can request for additional software to be installed onto your BU Device or Personal Device by raising a request with IT Services.

    • Support for personal computers in student residence

      Limited IT support is available to students in some students halls for their personal computers.